East Divers Tioman

An indulgence with nature for family and divers...

Dive SIte : Sepoi Island

Brief :
One of the furthest island off Tioman, it is not one of the common dive site visited by divers. Due to the strong current, divers use this site as a drift diving spot moving around the island, potentially crossing up and over volcanic boulders. The island is about three times larger than Rengis island. The southern currents provide good drift dives almost all around the island. Gradual to steep descent is necessary to reach the sandy bottom, where some of the volcanic and coral rocks are found.

Marine Life: Rocks incrusted in corals, coral heads, shoals of golden snappers, barracudas, napoleons, yellowtail amberjack and lobsters.
Depth: 5 - 23m
Viz: 5 - 20m
Currents: Occasional
Getting there: Boat 25 mins from Tekek
Best months: April / Sept