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Dive SIte : Rengis Island

Brief :
This is by far the best and most convenient dive site among all. Very close to Tioman mainland, Rengis Island is a favorite spot for both snorkelers and divers. It is located opposite Berjaya Resort and has a good coral diversity. Its fringing reefs are shallow and the coral formation is mainly Tableback, stag horn, boommies, brain and cabbage corals.Sighting of black tip shark has been reported many times this year (2012).
Marine Life: turtles, lion fish, scorpion fish, blue spotted stingray, angel pufferfish, moray eels, yellowtail fusiliers
Depth: 5 - 15m
Viz: 10 - 20m
Currents: Weak to mild
Getting there: Boat 5 mins from Tekek
Best months: April/Sept