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Dive SIte : Fan Canyon

Brief :
This site got its name from its build up characteristics. Composing of severals huge rocks covered by magnificent hard and soft corals. In between 2 of the huge rocks lies a narrow canyon full of huge sea fans growing on the volcanic rocks. It is advisable that you start your dive taking an appropriate entry point so as not to dive directly into the canyon which might damage the sea fans and fragile corals if you land on them.At the deeper part of the dive site you will probably find large scorpion fish and dozens of nudibranchs. At 16m there is nice (but narrow) tunnel worth swimming trough because of its thousands of tinny anchovies.
Fan canyon has some of the greatest variety of nudibranches and flat worms among all dive sites.

Marine Life: Many different species of flat worm, nudibranches, angelfish, lion fish, blue spotted stingrays, sea anemone, clown fish, cuttlefish
Depth: 10 - 30m
Viz: 5 - 10m
Currents: Medium and a little choppy
Getting there: Boat 20 mins from Tekek
Best months: April / Sept