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EDT sponsored a world event in 2008 - Longest Underwater Painting Project

In support of the World Earth Day event in collaboration with Coral Malaysia, East Divers Tioman is one of the sponsors for the Longest Underwater Painting feat which earns the organizer an entry to the Malaysia Guiness Book of Record. Click the podcast below to watch the video.


East Divers Tioman were among the sponsors and supporters in an underwater painting feat held in Tioman Island in 2008. This is worth reminiscing as it is part of East Divers continued effort in promoting arts, collaboration and diving.

The event which broke a record for completing the world's longest underwater painting on a 56.4-metre canvass, was carried out in a 12-meter deep water near Air Batang Beach, also earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Record. It was completed in three dives by 44 artists and divers from Malaysia and Singapore, which was also the first of such collaboration between the two nations.

The programme was held to commemorate World Earth Day which fell on April 22 2008. It was organized by Coral Malaysia in collaboration with Balai Seni Malaysia and Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya SIngapura (APAD) as sponsors. East Divers Tioman was the co-sponsor of the event which aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of conserving the marine ecosystem.
TIOMAN, April 26 2008